Playing Along

There might be something wrong with me as a mom.  I am not that fun.  I’m just not.  I like doing things with the girls.  I like to go places.  I like cooking with them.  I like doing Pinterest projects with them.  I don’t really like to play with them.

But, as of yesterday, Sue has hit upon an activity I remember enjoying–playing with Barbies.  I found myself doing something very uncharacteristic…I sat down and played.

And we took pictures as proof.

2014-03-23 16.23.18 2014-03-23 16.24.05 2014-03-23 16.24.07 2014-03-23 16.50.39 2014-03-23 16.50.41 2014-03-23 16.51.29 2014-03-23 16.51.33


She’s currently begging for a repeat…so I’m off to drive my jeep in my pjs…wait, what?

Survive til you Thrive!

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