Confusion of the Heart

Everyday I see injustice and hurt in my Facebook newsfeed.

Today it was a man who died while being arrested for, of all things, selling untaxed cigarettes.  Good reason to use a choke hold on someone, don’t you think?  I hope and pray the family gets justice.  The track record of our nation for finding fairly for those who are not white, is not exactly stellar.

Over the last few weeks we have also seen Israel lambasted for defending itself against the Hamas, a civilian plane shot down over Ukrainian airspace, people screaming because some companies will not be required to pay, as part of company offered healthcare plans,  for a few birth control options that are considered most likely to cause an abortion, the tragedy of Miriam, in Sudan, being forced to give birth to her baby in prison while under a sentence to death, 200+ Nigerian girls being kidnapped by Muslim Terrorists, and recently, Christians being forced, by Muslim Extremists in Iraq, to flee the city of Mosul, pay a fine or be massacred.

Each and every story breaks the heart.

I want to shut it all out.

But I can’t.

Where does that leave me?

How do I help?

I share status updates from people who know more than I.  I sign petitions to demand change.

My heart is just broken.

I know the Bible says there is no peace without Jesus, but I have Jesus in me, so how do I spread the peace that surpasses all understanding that only He gives?

How do I help those being robbed of their belongings and driven from their homes in Mosul and Sudan?  How do I help those being destroyed by the Missiles in the Gaza Strip?

I believe strongly the admonition the Bible gives when it says there is a special blessing on those who are friends of Israel.  I know through all the years of it’s existence, God has had a special, enduring love for His children, the children of Israel.  I desire to come alongside these beloveds of God.

My desire is to understand, the persecution here in America is very light for the Christian’s.  We are blessed to have many liberties and protections.  I understand we very much need to be vigilant against encroachments on our liberties, but I think our freedom and protection is also to be used for the benefit of others.  For those in America and abroad.  For those who have no hope.  Who have no voice.

How do you help the oppressed?  How do you help those beyond the American borders?  I would love to hear your heart.

Survive til you Thrive!

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