Shaun T for Kids

Recently, I have been renewing my relationship with the workout Insanity (by Beachbody).  It is a, well, insane workout led by Shaun T.  He kicks your butt.  You know you have worked out when you are done.

Yesterday, I experienced that kid version.

I took the girls to a fun fitness day at a local park.  They had lots of stations the kids could work through…a small balance beam, an obstacle course, beach ball volleyball, T-ball, some hurdles, potato sack racing, the list goes on.  The target audience is up to age 5, but they allowed my older girls to participate.  We tried every station and had fun.

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Then the workout began.

The leader led us through getting ready, and going, on a camping trip.  We did squats, we did frog jumps, we did rowing, we did running, and many other things, all put into our story as fun activities.  It was great watching the kids do the exercises and games.  I joined in on most of them as well, and I am still feeling it today (lots of squats).

It was a blast and definitely got the kids active.  It was an amazing program.  The lady who led it does Birthday parties.

Now THAT is a party I’d be thrilled for the girls to attend!!!!

Survive til you Thrive!

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