Feeling A Bit More Content

Bipolar is a mean jerk.  I am telling  you, nasty.

One day you’re okay.  Settled.  Nearly at peace.

But there is always this niggling fear…when is it down, or up, coming back?  How bad will it be?  Will you survive either one?

Both sides make your mind so loud.  I must do, do, do in order to try and SHUT IT UP.

I exercise (Yay running), I cook, I craft.  If it involves channeling my energy into something and distracting my mind–giving me a break.

Well lately, things have been very challenging.  There have been lots of med changes, lots of hope, and then things get bad again, but I am channeling all of it the best I can.

I am loom knitting (making hats, and recently baby cocoons–Think big upside down hat that baby is cozy–gave one to friends recently who use it all the time with their newest member).  I also got a book to learn how to use other looms to make blankets and shawls and purses.  I got a food dehydrator on clearance months ago, and just pulled it out.  I have done apples and pineapple is in there right now.  I feel so, so cool making our own fruit snacks.  And I am running.  I knocked out a mile today while watching Law and Order Criminal Intent.  And homeschool has gotten a little more fun.  We are doing crafts again and lapbooks.  That feels good.

I’m hiding.  But it is productive hiding and that is a small victory.

And that is good by me.


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Survive til you Thrive!

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