Rite Of Passage

Daddy had game night with the girls tonight.  They played Candy Land, Princess Monopoly Jr, and so on and so forth.

2014-12-27 20.23.16

I was on the treadmill for most of it, but joined in just in time to introduce SPOONS.  We played several rounds open handed.  It was fun.  I got the first 4 of a kind and had a blast seeing how long it took anyone to notice a spoon was missing.  It was a little challenging for Patrice, hard to know King, Queen, Jack when you are learning letters K, Q, J.  But she hung in there.

And it was a rite of passage.  A move with my girls toward the grown up games, the slow move away from the 7 versions of Memory we currently have.

I know there are still several years of Junior Versions in my future, but today, today was the beginning of a new era.

Survive til you Thrive!

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