Where Is That Post?

I had this great post written in my head.  I thought about writing some of it down. I just knew I would remember it.

Alas, it is gone.

I could tell you how I made dinner, but then I’d be taking credit from the drive-thru lady

Or wait, I could tell you how I spent joyful hours wrapping presents for Christmas.  But there again, I abhor wrapping presents and I do a terrible job.

I could tell you about how for the last 4 years I have been thinking, how can people be depressed for months on end.  Now I can tell you how the first three months of that on end goes.  Rotten.  Every day is too much work.  Every day is too hard.  Every day is too full of meds that don’t seem to work.  Then I could apologize to anyone I have ever judged concerning their depression.

Then I could tell you about how my faith is making this such an easier road to bear and that I have figured out where my faith in God belongs in this quagmire.  Then I could be branded with a scarlet L for LIAR.

I could tell you all these things, and more, but they weren’t the post I was going to write, so I’ll just bid you adieu.

Survive til you Thrive!

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