Wump Bump Thump

Yesterday morning started with a plan.  It was my rest day for PiYo so I thought I would get up and get my running in before the day got away from me.

I got dressed.  I walked to the top of the stairs.  And the next thing I knew I was falling down the stairs.  All of them.  I made contact with all 12 of them.

My poor girls heard the thumping, the yelling, and came running.  I landed on my back when I finally came to a rest at the bottom.  Caitlyn said, “mama, are you okay?  Mama, what can I do?  How do I help?”

“Nothing sweetie.  I’ll get up in a minute, but look, my phone didn’t break!”

Thankfully neither did I.

I have bruises that are going to make me pretty colorful for a while, but it could have been so much worse.

And the bonus of the whole deal?  Hubby and I think I might have tripped on my jeans…because of the weight I have lost they are even longer than normal and get under my feet.

Bye, bye mom jeans.  You have given your last gift with that tumble.

Survive til you Thrive!

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