Through New Eyes

This week we have done some fun new things in our homeschooling.  In order to continue this theme, science was last night as I finally asked daddy to help me with the little microscope and slides I had gotten on Amazon awhile back.

Turns out he had one like it as a kid and had us seeing things through it right away.

We checked out Pennicilium, skeletal muscle, a bee hubby found, some of his hair, my hair, and our middle daughter’s hair,  our wedding rings, and skin.

It was a ton of fun.  And I could not help but thinking what an amazing designer our God is.  He gave such complexity to everything around us.  He could have made the world textureless and boring, but He didn’t.  He gave it layers and beauty.

Psalm 19:1  How clearly the sky reveals God’s glory!
    How plainly it shows what he has done!


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