This Darn Cold

I don’t even remember going to bed last night.  But when I woke up for more cold medicine it was 9:30 and my hubby was sleeping in the recliner.

Where did he come from?

Last Thursday I started to get a cold.  By Monday it was full blown yuck.  It is interrupting my exercise (which I allow very few things to do), it is affecting my prayer life (it is hard to stay concentrated when you are coughing up a lung), it has already cost us a day of schooling–in our second week.

It’s just a pain in the neck.

But maybe yesterday’s 11 or so hours of sleep will help.

I did manage to do about 20 minutes of one of my workouts this morning before the coughing got too bad and I did join, via phone, a local prayer group.

That’s progress right?

I’ll take what I can get!!!

Survive til you Thrive!

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