The Decision

The decision to homeschool is an intensely personal one to make.  Everyone homeschools for the reasons that fit their family.

Each family brings their own reasons and their own skills to the world of homeschooling.

For many, it is the desire to be the one who is there when their kids make a new discovery.  For others, it is the opportunity to instill their faith or beliefs in their kids.  For still others, it is because of bullying in the schools.  For some it is the desire to tailor curriculum and teaching methods to their child’s way of learning.  For most, I think it is a combination of reasons.

For me, I wanted to be home with my kids, I wanted to be there for the learning breakthroughs.  I wanted to teach them in the way they best learned and I wanted to teach our faith to them every day.

I love seeing them sprawled out on a chair or with a pom pom over their head while reading a book or doing math.  I love knowing we can learn in this relaxed environment while still knowing how to sit quietly in a sit and raising our hand to be called upon in a group setting.  I love having them run over to give me a hug or sitting on my lap while we read our math lesson.  I love seeing them start their independent work early in the morning, without being told.  I love being able to add in special art projects or history lessons based on the day or our curriculum.  I love adding in our faith throughout each day, in every subject.

These are many, not all, of my reasons.


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