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Hard Love–5 Minute Friday and Fledgling Friday

Sometimes love is hard. Sometimes it is a choice.  This week the postpartum issues I have developed since Patrice’s birth are kind of hard.  Really hard.  I have cried a lot this week.  I have forced myself to function when my mind says it can not go on again. 
Through it all, I have chosen to love my family, by staying here.  By not dropping the girls off to my midwife and running; by not running into oncoming traffic.  By talking to them and singing with them when I would rather retreat into myself.  I have stayed.
I have chosen to love my family by getting more help.  By taking my medication when I don’t like some of the side effects.  By seeing a counselor when I would rather run away.  I have chosen the hard way.  The way of being here.
What have you chosen this week that is the hard road of love?  Come see what others have to say.
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I Feel Most Loved…5 Minute Friday

This week’s 5 Minute Friday from The Gypsy Mama is
I Feel Most Loved When…
Now I have 5 minutes to put my thoughts down on “paper”.  No editing, no primping.  That is hard for me.  Really hard, but here goes.
I don’t honestly know when I feel most loved.  I feel most loved by my husband, that’s a good thing, huh?  And he does many things that make me feel loved. 
I feel loved when he is showering our kids with love. 
I feel loved when he runs interference with the girls so I can go jogging (oh, spring, won’t you come so I can run outside?!)
I feel loved when he and I can steal a few minutes for real conversation.  Not the snatches of what’s for dinner, but the real ones, like what we thought about the church service, how we feel about more children.  You know, the real conversation.
I feel tremendously loved when he sends me a fun, random text message.  Or when he calls me at his break time.
I feel loved by my husband when he is just himself.

When I Look in the Mirror I See…5 minute Friday and a recipe.

I am again joining in on a blog hop over at the gypsy mama. This week’s thought starter is When I Look in the Mirror I See…And I’m not really sure. I see a woman who is kind of a blonde but kind of has brown hair. And I actually just barely see my face because I am only 4 ft 9 and a half(!).

I see someone who is lumpier than she used to be. Her hubby is a great cook and having three kids in 4 years doesn’t give a lot of time to smooth out the exterior before the next baby comes and makes it lumpy again. And I see a mama who would not trade those three girls for anything. And would be lumpy a dozen times over if it meant having more children running around.

I see a mama who has changed a great deal since welcoming her third daughter and who is still trying to figure out this new person, but wouldn’t trade Patrice for all the peace and tranquility in the world. Just a moment of my girls lives is worth every moment of sadness, frustration, confusion, all of it.

What can you say in 5 minutes about the woman you see in the mirror?

The above was written by the rules of 5 minutes, but then I was hopping to another person’s blog and found another hop.  This one was looking for a recipe so I thought I would share that too. 

Super Easy Turkey Chili

Mix 1 tsp chili powder in with one pound of ground turkey.  Brown turkey.  Add 1 carton mild fresh salad (found in the refrigerated section often near the deli).  Stir.  Add 1 can black beans.  Smash beans into chili to thicken up a bit.  Simmer for 10-15 minutes.  Serve with rolls and enjoy!

Come join in!

Where Was I–5 Minute Friday

You know that blog hop addiction of mine, it is still going strong.  And I found another one!  Yay!  (I know you’ve been thinking there were not enough blog hops on my blog, I just know it.)

This one is over at The Gypsy Mama.  The rules are you can write anything you want about the weeks’ topic, but you can only write for 5 minutes without censoring or editing yourself.  This could get dangerous!

5 Years Ago

The hubby and I had been married for a little over a year.  I was still pretty sick, when we got married, with the Multiple Sclerosis.  I was in and out of my wheelchair and doing large steroid doses by IV every 3 weeks.  It was keeping me just barely under control. 

I was talking to my neurologist about me not having children, about making that a permanent decision so we made sure not to have any surprises that I was not healthy enough to care for.  I cannot even tell you how much I wanted kids, because I wouldn’t admit it even to myself.  I kept saying over and over I was not healthy enough to have kids; kids deserved a strong healthy mama, not someone like me.  But my wise doctor said no.  He had told me when hubby and I were getting married, “give me two years.”  But I just knew that two years wouldn’t bring anything good.  How could it when I had been so sick for so many years???  What kind of life was this for kids. 

But now that I redo the math, by right now, I was healthy and we were starting our family.  And I was really sick with morning sickness.  I can never tell that doctor how much he means to me.  His hard work, and the work of the Lord, brought me to where I am, a mama of 3!!!!