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Actual Bridge Run Results

Ahhh, the day after has arrived. I survived my race yesterday across the Mackinaw Bridge. 
I ran from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. 
I was reminded again what a beautiful state we live in!!!

 The first 1/2 is uphill.  It is a gradual hill, but it is definitely up!
 Watching the sunrise over the lake was AMAZING
That blur is the finish line…and there were people in front of me, but they don’t really show here…
I finished in 57 minutes and 13 seconds.  My pace was 13:04 per mile and I finished 242 out of 247.  I knew I passed at 3 people, but there were actually 5 behind me!!!  That is amazing. 
1,077.48 miles were run by the whole group.
41 minutes 23 seconds was the average finishing time.
142,639 calories were burned in that one event.
I must admit, I have never been so sore as I was afterward, but I did it.  I ran every step.  That was my longest race and I did it!!!!  In the allowed time!  And my three girls and marvelous hubby got to see me come across.
All of this is from a woman who 10 years ago was in and out of a wheelchair, was told at one point the doctors didn’t know when she would walk again.
Glory to God for His mercy on my life.
*pictures were taken with my cell phone as I ran, sorry they are blurry and just think how fast I could have run without those pictures, but wasn’t it worth those extra seconds to be able to see them??