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Weight Loss Wednesdays Week 3

Time for my last chance workout before I do my weigh in.  Here’s hoping this week is better than last.  But regardless, I am proud of how hard I am working.

I am up to consistently running 5k on the treadmill.  A few weeks ago, I thought I would never get to that distance on the treadmill.  It is amazing how much further you can go if you cover up the display on the machine.  Watching the time and distance makes it feel like you aren’t making any progress at all!  Covering it up and then telling myself I can’t peak until a commercial on tv really helps.  I am then pleased with my progress toward the goal, rather than sure I will never make it.

I did 10 miles again this week on the treadmill.  I only have 50 situps left in the challenge (total to be done is 500).  I still have a lot of pushups to do.  Those babies are hard!  Doing 5 sets of 10 makes my muscles hurt for a couple days!  That’s a good thing, right?

I’m hoping to run a 5k this weekend with my sister.  (Hear that kids, if you get over your colds, we can go see Grandma with two doggies).

How are you doing on your goals?  Do you have a weight loss and an exercise goal?  Or just one or the other?  I am finding it helpful to have both so even if one doesn’t go so well, I have hope of doing well with the other!

Wish me luck with my workout and weigh in. I’ll be back later to do an update 🙂  See how others are doing too.

A Fit and Fab Giveaway from Worthy of the Prize Ministries

I was doing some blog hopping today to tell some bloggy friends about this award I gave them.  And I found this giveaway.

As you know I have been trying various things to keep myself mentally and physically fit.  I have been running and doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.  I have also been doing a twitter project reading a chapter of Proverbs every day to match the date.  I was wondering if there are other ways to blend my physical health with my spiritual health.  Worthy of the Prize Ministries has figured it out! 

See what they are giving away here and check out their site here.

Body After Baby Week 4

Still NO progress on my weight.  I am officially stuck, but on the upside, we just did Christmas and I am stuck, not going up in my weight.  I’ll take the victories where I can get them.

Another victory is my hubby committing to start an eating plan with me after the holidays.  We did weight watchers after Caitlyn was born and both did well with it, so here we come again.  I think we will skip the meetings this time, but still do the eating portion.  Wish us luck!

Exercise is still an area I am enjoying and doing well with.  I keep telling hubby I totally understand how people get addicted to exercising, especially running.  I can see how it could become an idol in my life.  Instead, I try to remember where the strength came from to run and make every step I run an Amen, every mile I go a hallelujah.  Ten years ago I was very very sick with Multiple Sclerosis, now I run because it is fun!  Any day now it will have to translate to the scales…

In the meantime, I have found I can not go two days without exercise; when I do, the lack of exercise impacts my mood, so the challenge will be when I go back to work full-time, I absolutely HAVE to get up earlier and exercise before work.  I have to.

So here’s hoping for more success this next week.  I hate being stuck!

Body After Baby Week 3

I am not seeing ANY progress on the scale.  Uggghhhh.  But I am exercising.  And enjoying it.  Right now I have decided to focus more on exercise and see where that gets me.  I get really nervous about dieting while nursing.  Whether it affects my supply or I just feel like it does, I don’t know, but I do know it causes me more stress.  And I don’t need more stress.  So for right now I will exercise. And love it!

Speaking of the exercise, I can really tell a difference in my mood and personality when I exercise or don’t exercise.  I had a couple rough days last week and couldn’t figure out why, until I got my hiney back on the treadmill and started running.  I could feel my mood improving with every step.  It was amazing.

I never exercised growing up.  I much preferred being inside reading a book.  I have no athletic skills whatsoever, so did not participate in sports much. I took up walking the summer between high school and college and lost 25 pounds.  I kept them off too for 9 years.  Then when the Multiple Sclerosis got really bad, I was doing massive doses of steroids and was in and out of a wheel chair, and then I started dating this guy, who later became my husband, well in all that, I found those pounds.  Then I found a few more.

I lost the few more before getting pregnant with my third baby, but now the few more seem stuck.  But I refuse to get upset about it.  Instead, I will use the pounds and moods as motivation to run.

My goal for tomorrow is to get up early for work and run.  That means 4 am, yup, I mean early.

What are your personal goals?  Do you have exercise goals or other areas you are working on?  Let’s work on them together!

Body After Baby Week 3

My dear little girl is 18 weeks old.  She is so sweet and alert.  Tonight she is refusing to go to sleep, instead she is laying on the floor and kicking my feet.  She seems very proud of herself.  Little does she know, but she is exercising.  To her it is just fun and learning.

In between my second and third child I learned something was fun.  I learned I love jogging.  That I was not too old to take up something completely new to me.  I started slowly jogging for 10 minutes with my wii fit.  Then 20 minutes, and finally 30 minutes.  After three months, spring started to come to our frozen Mitten and I was able to take the show on the road, literally.  I was pleased with how quickly I was able to adapt to running outside and start increasing my distance.

About 3 1/2 months after running my first step outside, I undertook my first 5K.  And I ran it.  All of it.  Not fast, but one step after another.  I ran.  And fell in love. 

After Patrice was born, I began yearning to run again.  I was afraid the months away would put me very far from running up to 6 miles like I was doing when we found out our third child was coming. 

I’ve been pleasantly surprised over the last few weeks to find the running again improved nicely.  And this last Saturday I put myself to the test, I headed out for a 5K race.  And I did it.  I ran every step.  Every single step.  I was the last woman to finish in my age class, but I did it.  And I improved my time from the previous race by 2+ minutes.  Personally, I couldn’t ask for more.

And now, might I suggest you running over to Mama Notes to see what others have been doing to improve their body after baby?  Enjoy!

Exercising with 3 Kids–WFMW

Today’s Works For Me Wednesday is actually going to build on my Body After Baby.  Way to marry two blog hops, huh? 

How do I exercise with three kids?  Well before Patrice was born, I had a membership to an actual gym, but with her coming and back to nursing full-time, I knew I would not want to take the time, in addition to work,  being away from the kidlets.  So we undertook a big project…we cleaned our basement and claimed it for exercise space.  Hubby and I had his and her exercise equipment before we got married.  I had a recumbant bike and he an eliptical machine, and our anniversary present to each other this year was a treadmill.  And one Christmas I got the girls a mini trampoline.  So we have all the equipment, we just have to get on it. 

The bike, treadmill, eliptical and trampoline, known as a jump jump around here, are set up in front of the TV.  That way we can watch something as we exercise.  The  girls think it is an extra special treat to go to “Our Gym.”  And when they get bored I can turn on a cartoon for them.  We also have some of their bigger doll toys down there, so they can play with the high chair, swing and dolly strollers while mommy and daddy exercise.  And for Patrice, that is where we have the little “exersaucer” set up for her enjoyment.

I am finding running on the treadmill to be more challenging than outside, but I LOVE running outside.  That is a little trickier to do with the girls.  Caitlyn loves to run with mommy and she is quick.  On days that I have a little bit of time, I start with her and she does the first block with me.  We do a mix of run and walk.  She is always so proud to jog with mommy.  I so want to cultivate that in the girls.  With the cold, it takes lots of bundling to get Patrice ready to go.  Last week it was about 35 degrees when she went with me.  I had her in a warm sleeper, hat and mittens, then a snow sack over her sleeper and a wearable blanket over that.  I am going to make a blanket I can tie on to the stroller as well.

Sometimes it takes me three separate tries to get my exercise in, but every little bit helps and that is what Works for Me Wednesday.  There are more ideas over at We Are That Family.  Check it out!

Body After Baby–week 2

Here we are at week 2 of Body After Baby. I am very excited to have a blog hop to help focus me on those baby pounds.

So how did I do?  Well I worked out every day but Saturday.  I did a mix of treadmill running and intervals, some recumbant bike riding and my Biggest Loser 10 minute work out video.

I am thrilled with how much I worked out.  This is the most since the summer after I graduated from high school.  It paid off then, hopefully it will now.

My hubby even worked out with me yesterday.  I want us to work together to teach our girls the fun and value of exercise.  I want them to grow up with it just part of their normal every day activities.  I actually found a kids Wii Fit game from Nickelodeon for their Christmas gift.  I am so excited!

Caitlyn worked out with me Monday afternoon.  I did 10 minutes on the treadmill, before getting interrupted, then did a 10 minute Biggest Loser cardio workout.  That is stinkin’ hard!  Wowzers.  Friday after I did the work out, I then tried to run outside.  I made it about 1/4 of my normal run.  My legs were just killing me!

Sue wanted to head back down to the work out area Monday night.  It has been named “Our Gym” by her.  I like that.  For some reason I think referring to it as “Our Gym” will make me get down there more. 

So what are you doing in “Your Gym”?  What exercise equipment do you have?  Do you use it?  Have you successfully gotten fit?  Are you satisfied with where you are now?  I would love to hear about it.

Now head on over to Mama Notes to see how others did with the challenge.

Healthy Happenings–Multitude Monday

Here we are at a third week of recounting that which I am thankful. 

As I have mentioned in other posts, I have a history of MS.  I just realized the other day that I was diagnosed 20 years ago.  I was 15.  It’s likely I was sick with it before then.  It looked like MS was going to win over my desires as it was often flaring and making me sick.

In 1994/1995 I started Beta Seron, the first medication to treat MS.  It was/is not a cure, but it was shown to lessen the number and severity of exacerbation.  Doing those shots was no fun, but things did seem to get more stable.

By 2000, I had tried another medication, Avonex.  That one also worked some.  Neither was fun.  Giving yourself shots never gets routine, if you ask me.  I started needing high doses of steroids.  I was in the hospital 15 times over the next three years.  Twice my balance and walking got so bad I needed rehab to learn how to walk again,  Both times I went home in a wheel chair, the second time they told me they didn’t know when I would walk again.

But the Lord had plans for me.  He used the medicine of the doctors and work of the therapists to restore my body.  And I found a specialist who helped manage the MS.  I would do steroid bursts in his office every 3 weeks, we didn’t wait for me to get sick and play catch up.  No more hospital stays.  The steroids made me sick and weren’t any fun, but they helped.

Then in July 2005 I had my last steroid burst.  My body went into a spontaneous remission.  Then we started our family.  I have been pregnant or nursing a baby since November 2005.  And for me, pregnancy and nursing have been very healing.  Thank you Lord Jesus for using my babies to heal me.  I have needed no medication since July 2005 and my doctor has gone from being cautiously supportive of me staying off meds and having kids, to being 100% supportive and considering my course of MS mild!  Praise you Lord Jesus.

My history of walking/balance/strength issues makes every step walked or run a testimony of the Lord’s work.  Every step I push myself to run is a praise report.  Every time I spin my girls in a circle is a beautiful Amen.

And for this and many more things I am thankful.

13.  the desire to be healthy.

14.  the strength to run.

15.  doctors the Lord blesses with knowledge to help others.

16.  a daughter with 20/20 vision.

17.  my new treadmill so I can keep running in our cold Mitten.

What are you thankful for?  Head on over to A Holy Experience to see some breathtakingly beautiful photos and see why others are thankful.

On the Road Again

Well we’re not quite on the road again…little Miss Patrice fell asleep after her diaper change, so we can’t get to our jog just yet.

After a long hiatus, I am back to jogging.  I did a jog/walk combo a couple times last week.  I am a little embarrased to admit, Caitlyn could keep up with my running.  Here’s hoping a get quicker, some day. 

Right now it is beautiful in our area.  It’s one of those days that you want to make the most of because the cold weather is coming…

But until then, Patrice and I will get out to jog as much as we can.  As soon as she wakes up, that is.

September 2010

Random Postpartum Thoughts

First random thought…all my thoughts are random right now. I think I have lost most of my ability to form a coherent thought.

Best random thought…I am enjoying having three kids even more than I enjoyed having two kids.

Favorite random thought…I got a great deal on a jogging stroller on Craigslist. I am so excited. Once I am cleared by my midwife, Patrice and I will be hitting the pavement.

Weirdest random thought…I miss running more than I miss being able to sit down and read a book!!!

Most urgent random thought…I miss being able to sleep. I don’t mean that in the “I have a newborn baby so get up to feed baby during the night” way. I miss it in the “I have a newborn to get up to feed and insomnia” sort of way. It kind of adds insult to injury to lay there watching baby sleep knowing that as soon as I fall asleep she will wake up to eat again. Ahhhh…my midwife is helping me find a solution.

Scariest random thought…I am taking all three girls by myself up north next week to meet the rest of my family. Did I mention I am going all by myself???? With three little girls????

Now all those other random thoughts…

Sue and Caitlyn are going to AWANA on Sunday nights. (Check out the AWANA blog here).  They are doing great learning their verses. Both have earned their vests to start collecting their badges. And they seem to love it. And daddy and I LOVE watching them learn!!!! They are in the same class to start out. It is great to see them together. Poor little Patrice will be on her own when she starts this stuff. When we first found out Sue was coming just 15 months after Caitlyn, I was freaked out at them being so close in age. Now, I am sad Patrice will not have a buddy so close to her age. Ahh well, the Lord will sort that out, huh?

I am back in my prepregnancy clothes. I still have a lot of pounds to lose, but am back to the regular clothes much sooner than ever before. I think it is because the girls and I are constantly going and doing. There have been very few days where we have not done something. It has been great. Man, I hate the days though where the fun is rewarded with a child throwing a fit when we get home. Or even worse, when we are still having fun. Umm, trust me children, not throwing a fit is a better way to say thank you than throwing a fit is.

We went to two cider mills last week. The first was one we have been to before, Yates. We got there about 30 minutes before they closed thanks to road construction. We had time to get donuts and cider, so successful in my hubby’s opinion. We did not have time to walk around much so kind of a dud in my opinion. There were some stinky goats to watch so a hit in Sue’s opinion. I think Caitlyn was mildly pleased. Patrice slept through the whole thing. The lady that used our picnic table to change her baby’s diaper was a definite downer. “For the record lady, there were other tables where no one was trying to eat. You could have changed the diaper on one of those.”

Then we went to one on Saturday with some friends. Dietz Cider Mill. It was a hike to get there, but totally worth it. I really like the people we met up with, so even if it would not have been any fun, it was a hit to me. Beyond that, it was fun. They had a craft show, pony rides, face painting, balloon animals, a playground and, oh yeah, cider and donuts.

Final random thought…Patrice is much happier in her swing now that I put new batteries in it and Caitlyn would like to be let out of her time out…here goes nothing…