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My Newest Endeavor

See that widget over there—–>

Scroll down a bit——>

Yes that one—->

It is my latest project.

Because I need more stuff going on, right?

Well, remember that  phrase “if you want something done, ask a busy person”?  Maybe it’s my goal to be “that” person.  Except it’s not.  I just need to get the word out about things that matter to me.

I am, what they call over at Postpartum Progress, a warrior mom. I fought a long arduous battle after Patrice’s birth against postpartum depression and anxiety.

It was hard.

It stunk.

But here I am, on the other side…

Thanks in huge part to on-line communities that understood and loved on me.

The first on-line resource I found was Katherine at Postpartum Progress.  Her foundation provides so much information about the various postpartum mood disorders, including but not limited to, postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, postpartum OCD and postpartum psychosis.  She also provides active support for women looking for hope.

I was that woman.  I found so much on her website that had me nodding my head, saying AHA!, and finding out I wasn’t alone.

Katherine is tireless and amazing in her work, she was even part of  Jeopardy! question, but she can’t do it alone.

From her work and dream, was born Climbing Out of the Darkness.  It is a walk/climb held in cities throughout the world to raise funding and awareness.

This year, I’m not letting it pass me by.  I am leading a team!  Eek.

June 21 we will meet at Independence Oaks in Clarkston from 1-3 pm.  There are two of us on my team right now, but we need more.  We need to make some noise.  We need to be part of making a difference.

Won’t you please join us?  You can raise funds or not, that is up to you, but we need awareness raised.  We need to let other mamas know they are NOT ALONE!!!!!!

Climb Out of the Darkness

Please click in the above link or that widget to the right and link arms with mamas around world, mamas here at home!  We need each other.


One Year Later

Today I had my last scheduled “mental health check” appointment with my midwife.  It’s been a slugging match and may continue to be at times, but for the most part, I am doing much better than previously in my battle with postpartum depression and anxiety.  What a ride it has been.

Tonight is a great example of some of the changes.  A year ago, I was desperately doing things with my girls.  Not because I necessarily wanted to be so busy, but because the postpartum issues made it impossible for me to sit and relax without feeling like I was going to crawl out of my skin or start literally dissolving into tears.

A year ago, Caitlyn and I made a pie.

It was fun, but in between each step or anytime Caitlyn wasn’t looking, I was fighting the rising panic and tears.  Within days, I was hospitalized for the postpartum depression and anxiety.

But today, I made brownies with Sue and Caitlyn.  And I am happy to report, I had to force myself to do so.  I’m so tired I just want to sit.

Yes, sit.  And do a bunch of nothing.  I actually can do that…not well, but I’ve never been great at sitting; I am about as good at sitting as I was pre-postpartum issues.

I count it as great progress.  Being tired and lazy is a success!

A year ago, or even a few months ago, I dreamed of the day I could put postpartum depression and anxiety behind me.  I dreamed of pretending it never happened–but it did happen.  I have received amazing help and support through this journey.  I have found my voice here on the blog.  I can’t turn my back on all of this.

I will continue to blog and share my journey, and I am joining my friend Lauren, at My Postpartum Voice, in her dream to change world.  Please read her vision and, I am begging you to, join us, by contacting people, suggesting places for us to contact, sharing your postpartum stories with other moms, lending your expertise in any way possible!  Help us help other women find a way out of their very dark woods.

Please join me over at Thought Provoking Thursday.